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Skills-based Test Prep

SAT and ACT Tests are a stepping stone to college. Our programs optimize test prep so that students get more: better scores on test day, greater confidence in themselves and their performance, and vast skills that will serve them beyond the test, into college and throughout their life.

A Holistic, Personalized Approach to Standardized Tests and Beyond

At Hamilton Education, we begin with the student: their needs and their story. That’s why we insist on meeting all of our students individually before they enroll. During that meeting, we’ll get to know them — not only their grades and scores, but also their strengths and weaknesses, motivations and quirks, and likes and dislikes (Near-professional ping pong player? Check. Strong aversion to algebra and ghost stories? Good to know.) From there, we find or create a skills-building, enrichment program that suits them so that we can build a mutual working relationship.

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