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H3 Summer SAT/ACT/PSAT Program

In 2016, College Board redeveloped the SAT, rendering it nearly 95% similar to the ACT. Because the skills and format of the SAT and the ACT now overlap to a great extent, Hamilton Education created the H3 program, preparing students for three exams—the SAT, ACT, and PSAT—in a single effort. This course is ideal for students entering the 11th grade, and prepares students for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT in an 8-week program. Over 40 perfect scores resulted from Summer 2018!


PSAT Reading & Rhetoric

Our PSAT Reading & Rhetoric classes are designed to expose ambitious 9th and 10th graders to genres commonly found on the SAT and ACT and to cultivate and maintain students’ critical reading and writing skills. The classes will offer students the chance to explore subjects and themes that will appear on the PSAT and SAT, engaging in focused writing and textual analysis.


target sat or act test prep

Target SAT & ACT Courses

Some students want to focus on either the SAT or the ACT. Our Target classes are designed for 10th – 12th grade students hoping to “target” either test. These classes are offered throughout the Spring and Fall. They meet for 6 weeks on Saturdays and consist of full test review and skills-based instruction.


Math EXP

Math EXP offers introduction, enrichment, and enhancement to the Common Core mathematics curriculum that students will encounter as they transition through their middle and high school education stream, from pre-middle (5th-6th) to middle (7th-8th) to their 9th, 10th, and 11th grade experiences (Integrated Math I to III).


Spring Fusion—AP & SAT Subject Test Classes

The AP exams and SAT Subject Tests cover much of the same material. Fusion classes “fuse” together preparation for AP exams in May and SAT Subject Tests in June. Students will review core skills and concepts with a special focus on AP content leading up the exams and weekly practice tests and focused review specific to the one-hour, multiple choice SAT Subject Tests. This is ideal for students who are currently taking AP courses and plan to take SAT Subject Tests.

Fall Extension

Fall Extension is designed as a continuation of our H3 Summer Program to bridge the gap between fall test dates and provides ongoing practice through a less time-intensive schedule during the fall. With targeted guidance from expert teachers, students take a practice test during the week and attend the class of their choice of Friday afternoon or either of two sessions on Saturday. This is offered to students who took our Summer program as well as new students hoping to reach their goals.


Reading Enrichment Classes

Building foundational reading skills at an early age is key. It can assist students in not only getting a head start in their understanding of the literary world, but also in preparing them to excel in various subjects as they advance on to higher grades. In this monthly course, students will learn to expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar, and hone their writing skills, all the while developing their analytical reading skills through the exploration of various texts.


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