College Campus Visits

By Jonathan PiliserDirector of College Counseling Do I have to visit?  The short answer is “no” — with students routinely applying to 15+ colleges, it’s simply not realistic for families to get a chance to tour every school on their… Read More

Benefits of Habitual Reading

By Rodrigo Pacheco-McEvoy, Humanities Instructor Over the years that I have spent both as a student and as an instructor in the humanities and social sciences, I have become aware of the many benefits that come from reading as a… Read More

The “New” ACT

by David Lord, Mathematics and Science Instructor Section Retest on the ACT One of the most frustrating parts when taking standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT is that the test-taker must perform well on all sections for a… Read More

Why I Fell in Love with Reading

By Amanda Schumaker, Humanities Instructor I’m a compulsive purchaser of books. I can’t go into a book store without buying at least two. When I lived in Seattle, I would plan weekend trips to Powell’s, an independent book store that… Read More